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Business Partners at Work

Choosing the right business attorney to work for you and your business can be a challenging task. You need to select a legal counsel who possesses not only the requisite experience in the diverse areas of general business and commercial law but who represents clients before the proper courts in the jurisdiction where such business operates. We can help you get off the ground by forming the right business organization or corporate formation. Once your business starts, we will be there to handle everything from contract and lease negotiations to buy-sell agreements. We are well experienced in the litigation and enforcement of business claims and in defending businesses against lawsuits. We will also fight any summons or violation issued to you or your business by various New York City Agencies: F.D.N.Y., D.S.N.Y., Department of Buildings and etc. Our business attorneys are always prepared to answer to your legal needs and provide you with legal alternatives to the legal issues concerning your businesses.

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