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Our success in personal injury include: wrongful death cases and cases involving disabling injuries resulting from automobile/truck accidents, explosions/fires, construction, medical and professional malpractice, defective products (product liability), dog bites and/or animal attacks, food poisoning, premises injuries (slip/trip & fall incidents, sidewalk incidents), cases involved negligence of New York City and its agencies, nursing home and day care negligence, as well as general negligence.


There are various shortened deadlines to commence an action in personal injury case, particularly against the City of New York and its agencies, and the severity of consequences for missing the deadlines, it is advisable to seek the attention of a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. Many attorneys will not take a case except on very rare occasions when these deadlines are close to running. Delay in addressing your claims or the claims of a loved one may make getting legal assistance very difficult due. And missing these deadlines will bar the claims completely.

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