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Wills & Estate Planning


Many people believe that only the wealthy do estate planning and establish Trusts and Wills. While most wealthy people do have Trusts or other estate documents, Trust or Wills are indispensible to people of more moderate means. Well drafted instruments can preserve more of the estate and provide clear direction to the heirs. We provide comprehensive Estate Planning information and services. Our lawyers can develop packages of Wills and Trusts tailored to specific client needs and objectives. There is a Trust instrument for almost any set of circumstances, whatever your need. Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trusts are the most common. These Trusts, used with a pour-over Will, preserve assets, protect homes from creditors, and prevent children from receiving benefits before they are ready.


A person with a fully integrated Estate Plan that includes these elements knows his or her passing will not be a cause of uncertainty and dispute for loved ones. Wills are often used to name guardians for minor children. Families with disabled children should also consider a special needs Trust that will pay for the care the child will need throughout his or her lifetime. Testamentary Trusts, built into Wills, are valuable in making sure children are cared for and your wishes carried out in the best interest of the children. We can advise on all these matters and create combinations of Wills and Trusts focused on each client’s situation.

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